“The Thousand Cuts” now available at How to Leave Academia

One of the projects I was working on in April, a long-form essay titled “The Thousand Cuts,” has now been published at How to Leave Academia. I’m excited to see it out there. While it’s not a final statement about quitting, it does gather many of the ideas I’ve explored at Walking Ledges into a structured reflection.

If you’re arriving here from How to Leave, welcome! My posts aren’t always #postac. I’ve gathered the ones that are here. If you’d like to poke around more freely, you’ll find posts about writing, the history of fantasy fiction, and some of my favorite authors. Again, welcome.

Update, October 2015: How to Leave Academia has been suspended. I’ve added the essay to my Works page.



  1. I’m very interested in reading this essay but am unable to access the other blog (the website doesn’t seem to exist anymore…?). Is there anywhere else I could go to read this? I’m finishing up my Ph.D. next semester and am very seriously contemplating leaving the field. I’ve found your blog extremely helpful. Thank you for sharing.

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