About Walking Ledges

Before Harry Potter was more than a means for J.K. Rowling to solicit rejection letters, I was lucky enough to go to school at a castle in Wales. One of my favorite things to do was to sneak out after house call (curfew) and walk down past the little church to the jousting field. The lights from the castle and the school buildings did not reach that far, and nobody bothered to put lights up on an unused part of the grounds. There in the dark, I walked along the ledges on the jousting field. I’d go back and forth three meters above the ground. The ledges (which had once propped up the spectators’ area) were wide, and I never fell, but there was something about walking them in the dark that was meaningful for me.

Later, when I became a proper English major, I became fascinated by the idea of liminality, the between-ness of standing on a threshold…or on a ledge. I called my first blog ‘Walkin’ Ledges’ with that in mind, but I never did much with it. (The most coherent string of posts there was a serialized story I wrote for a game.) I still like the idea, and it seems even better as a title now that I’m once again trying to maintain my balance in the dark.

Updates are steady during the summer, and less so during the school year when I’m teaching.


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