New, Improved (?)

I started this blog in something of a hurry, intent on getting something up to establish my presence on the web. That meant grabbing a WordPress theme (Wu Wei) and slapping words into it. I enjoyed Wu Wei’s minimalist aesthetic, and didn’t tweak it beyond altering the color of the header text. It was time for that to change. Among other things, I wanted more information “above the fold.” (I am charmed that this newspaper term has transferred so smoothly over to the world of screens.) Wu Wei shuffled lots of things to the very bottom of the page; the new theme (customized Suits) gives me a proper sidebar. I also wanted some color and a stronger visual identity for the blog. As a bonus, the newer theme should also make Walking Ledges a little more friendly for those of you who follow it on phones or tablets.

Expect more (probably small) tweaks as I dig into the .css and make this a little more my own.



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